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Our values embrace respect and human dignity. It is during crisis and difficult times that people need dedicated, unbiased and compassionate support. When ready, therapy may be an opportunity to vent out and liberate your mind from the thoughts that are keeping it confined. Mental health professionals are trained to listen to your needs carefully and respectfully, to connect you to needed resources and help you reinforce your coping skills. The gains you achieve during therapy will allow you to recover quickly from difficulties that present in life.

Psychotherapy is not only an alternative tool you can use to deal with life problems. It is also a clinical method that uses evidence-based  techniques to treat mental disorders. We integrate traditional counseling and modern therapy to empower our patients. Counselors study the brain and its interaction with human emotions and behaviors. Counselors do not see mental illness as a sign of weakness or inferiority. Instead, they help people fight their cognitive, emotional, and behavioral problems with effective  procedures.

We are advocates of the practice of counseling and psychotherapy as a treatment method for mental illnesses and substance abuse disorders. Unlike medically assisted treatment, counseling does not have side effects, is not addictive, and  addresses the root of the problem. The long-term effects of counseling are widely known. WMH wants want  to help normalize mental health treatment by making it accessible, necessary and effective through clinical (office-based) intervention and community programs still needed across Greater Wilmington.

Populations We Serve

Adolescents 14-19 y/o


Elders 65+

Treatment Modalities

F2F: Individual, Couples, Families, and Groups

Secured Online Sessions

Sometimes we see clients via Internet.

Treatment Approach

Clinical & Integrative

- Psychotherapy -

- Mindfulness

Preventative & Coaching

- Relapse Prevention -

- Life Skills -


- Anger Management -

- Premarital Counseling -


We help people  achieve positive and meaningful changes in their lives.

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