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COVID-19 Update: During the pandemic, we are shifting to telehealth sessions to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and to protect the safety of our patients.
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Psychotherapy and
Substance Abuse Treatment

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We are here to help you. We listen to what you have to say and provide genuine support no matter the issue you are experiencing.

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We see patients from all walks of life. Our providers are all highly trained and experienced clinical mental health counselors and social workers.

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Virtual appointments
We are happy to have you here with us. We are providing therapy online to practice social distancing and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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Why Choose Us
Our Goal is Accessibility

Here at Wilmington Mental Health, our mission is to provide accessible and universal mental health care to those in our community. We offer outpatient services to help care for those who are struggling with mental health and substance use disorders. Mental health is essential at every stage in your life, and we are here to ensure that you are provided with the guidance you deserve.
What is mental health?

Mental health is comprised of social, emotional, and psychological well-being. It influences how we think, perceive, and behave towards ourselves and others in our environment. It also defines how we manage stress and rationalize our decision-making processes.
Americans who experienced
a mental illness in a given year
70 - 90%
Individuals who reported benefits
after receiving counseling treatment
Percentage of people who die by
suicide who also had a mental illness
The number of Americans who
die by suicide per hour
What causes mental health problems?

Extensive research into the causes of mental health have determined that there is no single factor that can be attributed, but rather a combination of factors:
Family History
Mental health problems run throughout your family
Biological Factors
Brain chemistry, hormonal balance, or genetics
Environmental Exposure
Adverse life experiences such as trauma or abuse
Substance Abuse
Long-term exposure alcohol and drugs
We help people achieve positive and meaningful changes in their lives

Addiction Treatment Facility

Wilmington Mental Health provides in-person drug or alcohol addiction treatment and complies with LegitScript’s certification standards, which helps ensure transparency and compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Our outpatient substance abuse program is suitable for people with jobs or extensive social supports, is low-intensity, and offers more than just drug education or relapse prevention. Our program is comparable to residential programs in services and effectiveness and adapts to your individual characteristics and needs.

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Beginning December 1st, our facility will be offering Psychiatric Services to help in the treatment of acute and chronic mental illness. These services include psychiatric assessments to determine need for psychotropic medication, prescription, ongoing (short- or long-term) medication monitoring, and medication-assisted treatment by a qualified prescriber. Our goal is to our patients maintain mental calmness, which is needed during to achieve healing.
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