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Psychosexual Evaluation

Our center offers professional and comprehensive psychosexual evaluations to assess and understand individuals concerning sexual behaviors or difficulties. Psychosexual evaluations play a crucial role in identifying underlying factors, addressing potential risks, and guiding appropriate treatment interventions.


A psychosexual evaluation is sought for various reasons, such as concerns about problematic sexual behaviors, legal or forensic purposes, treatment planning, addressing relationship difficulties, and personal growth. It provides a comprehensive assessment of an individual's sexual functioning and behaviors, guiding interventions and promoting overall sexual well-being.
What to Expect

Comprehensive Assessment Process
Our psychosexual evaluations involve a thorough assessment of various aspects related to sexual behaviors, history, attitudes, and relationships. We gather information through interviews, assessments, and observations to understand an individual's psychosexual profile.
Evaluation Objectives:
Identify and assess underlying issues or concerns related to sexual behavior, including paraphilic interests, aggression, dysfunctions, and trauma effects. Provide insights for treatment planning and intervention strategies.
Professional Expertise:
Conducted by experienced professionals specializing in sexual behaviors and disorders. Adhere to ethical guidelines, ensuring professionalism and confidentiality.
Treatment Planning and Recommendations:
Personalized plans based on evaluation findings. Recommendations may include therapy, couples counseling, or specialized programs, collaborating with individuals, families, and healthcare providers.
Risk Assessment and Management:
Thorough assessment of risk factors. Create safety plans and offer guidance to minimize harm in collaboration with individuals, families, and authorities.
Confidentiality and Privacy:
Maintain strict confidentiality, handling information discreetly and respecting privacy and dignity
Expert Testimony and Consultation:
Offer expert testimony in legal proceedings. Consultation services are available to attorneys and professionals involved in psychosexual evaluation cases.