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Minor Surgeries

Minor surgical procedures can be performed safely and quickly with few or no complications without the need to apply general anaesthesia. We conduct a wide variety of minor surgical procedures at our outpatient office. Our highly trained providers can treat minor conditions that require minimally invasive techniques, such as wound care, abscess drainage, laceration repair, skin tag removal, ingrown toenail removal, wart removal.

Primary Care
We will assess your needs and begin your treatment when appropriate. Some procedures can be performed in our office and others can be done at home, such as applying topical antibiotics, cleaning and dressing a wound. We will also schedule a follow-up visit or routine visits to check on your recovery.
Wound Care
Abscess Drainage
Laceration Repair
Skin Tak Removal
Ingrowing Toenail
Wart Removal
What We Can Do
We can prescribe antibiotics and schedule a recheck visit to ensure that you are healing…
  • Proper wound care is necessary to help prevent infection and promote healing of the skin.
  • A cut may require gluing or bonding the skin together to promote healing.
  • Removing the infection of an abscess and draining the pus may need numbing and sterilizing the infected area.
  • Ingrown toenails produce inflammation, pain, and infection and need to be removed to restore the health of the area.
  • We offer skin tag removal if you have a small piece of skin that is hanging from your skin and it bothers you.
  • We will identify the type of wart you may have and recommend topical treatment or refer you for cryotherapy.