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Expand your outlook, extend your reach, and come to terms with your inner self.

One in four adults experience a mental health condition each year, but few seek help. We want to change that. With the right counselor, therapy can be a healing, transformative experience. Wilmington Mental Health has been providing compassionate and effective mental health services across Wilmington successfully for since 2017.

We understand that life presents difficulties that can reduce the quality of life and happiness of those in our community. These challenges can be detrimental if left on unresolved. Hence, it is critical that access to mental health care exist when individuals need it most. We have developed a platform that provides therapeutic support for teenagers, college students, adults, couples, and families. Our compassionate counselors are ready to meet with you to help you resolve challenges and move forward in your life.

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We offer alternative access to traditional therapy via Teletherapy or in-home treatment
Our Mission
Wilmington Mental Health provides evidence-based and person-centered treatment to residents of Southeastern North Carolina. We aim to help normalize and universalize psychotherapy by making it accessible, dependable, and essential, especially during times of crisis and emotional disturbance. Psychotherapy can help you regain control and stability.
Our Vision
To embrace our humanity and reject the stigma around mental health by providing compassionate, unbiased support to all of our patients regardless of race, sex, age, national origin, religion, or disability. We are strong advocates of the application of psychotherapy to help change behavior and overcome mental and substance use disorders.
Our Approach
We treat a wide range of cognitive, emotional, and behavioral issues through psychotherapy and integrated techniques such as mindfulness to restore balance. We focus on symptom reduction and personal development, facilitate awareness, self-understanding, and exploration, and help our patients develop healthier and more sustainable lifestyles.
Holistic Treatment
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Our Values
Family Community Compassion Respect Justice Integrity Efficacy Health Perserverance Harmony Love Patience

Book a confidential consultation, call 910-777-5575 or mail us at