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Primary Care

Wilmington Mental Health follows a holistic and integrative care model. Our team has received extensive training in the field to promote and encourage stabilization and healing. Our priority is to offer tailored and trustworthy medical examinations to our patients and the community, as well as develop a long-lasting relatioship with our patients and their families.
We have a dedicated team that collaborates with other healthcare professions to address your healthcare needs. We assess the efficacy of medication and each patient’s specificity regarding their response to medication by using a person-centered approach. This promotes communication and offers continuity in the patient-clinician partnership.
Preventative Care

We are passionate about providing excellent care. Our team will help you prepare for your routine physical exam, treatment of minor Illnesses or injuries, management of chronic conditions, screening of common health issues, management of acute health conditions, lab or genetic test, and prescription of necessary medication(s).
Your care may include:
  • Coordination of Care
  • Treatment Management
  • Electronic prescription
  • Referral to a specialist
Annual physical may require the following: ● Screenings ● A physical examination ● Checking your vitals ● Measuring your BMI ● Re-examining your medical history ● Discussing your current lifestyle ● Shots and immunizations ● Designing a new health plan. Target questions can focus more on your current levels of stress, physical activity, diet, or drug use such as tobacco and alcohol, in order to discuss ways to improve your overall health.
Primary Care

In anticipation of the shortage of primary care physicians within the next decade, WMH aims to establish a lasting relationship with its patients, offering whole-person support that considers their physical, emotional, social, and psychological wellbeing. Our patients have the option of consulting a nurse practitioner about their primary care needs, making it a convenient choice when it comes to quick access to healthcare. They are qualified and can perform many of the same tasks conducted by medical doctors as they go through rigorous medical training during their education.
Nurse Practitioners can:
  • Act as a primary care provider
  • Perform diagnostic procedures
  • Prescribe medications
  • Order lab work or blood tests
Healthier Lifestyles

Depending on your age, you may be required to complete diagnostic tests and discuss healthier lifestyle choices with your provider during your initial physical examination. Staying in your with your provider is crucial for your health, therefore it is highly unadvised to skip your annual wellness visits
The Process

The first step of the primary care is the initial evaluation, followed by the development of a partnership between you and your provider, the provision of medication to treat your symptoms, and the ongoing monitoring of that medication. During the medical assessment, a thorough review of any prescribed drugs you may be taken will be conducted, as well a any possible side effects you may have experienced to create a safe and effective treatment plan. Your prescriber will closely monitor the effects of any prescribed medication on your body as you adjust to that medication.
When and who should consider seeking medication treatment?
Anyone who suffers from a chronic condition, genetic disorder or disease may benefit from an evaluation and treatment from a licensed qualified medical provider, especially if their daily functions have been impaired. Our nurse practitioners are able to see new patients within a week and evaluate current symptoms, provide a proper diagnosis, and write a prescription during their first visit.
One of our missions is to help you understand the importance of having routine checkups of your physical health and the risks associated with taking certain medications. We seek to provide education regarding the role patients play in managing their health and overall health to prevent surprises and increase the chance of achieving their expected relief. We recommend that patients schedule follow-up visits with the same medical provider to maintain their familiarity with your medical history and current health status.
Annual Exam

Annual wellness visits offer you and your provider an opportunity to obtain up-to-date information about your overall health and update your treatment plan. During this follow-up encounters the clinician may guide you in the process of making better health decisions and choices that promote better health and prevent possible future health problems.
Wellness visits are generally covered by insurance plans, although they may not cover lab tests and other procedures. Do not hesitate to contact your insurance company to verify this and obtain prior authorization for medical care.
“Medicine aims to prevent disease plus prolong life; the idea of medicine is to eliminate the need of a physician.”
William Mayo