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Instructions: For your convenience, Wilmington Mental Health can process payments via cash, check, credit card, or Stripe. If you with to pay prior to your scheduled appointment use the payment form below or log into the Patient Portal to process your payment directly using our Electronic Health Record System.

Credit Card Processing - Please follow these simple steps:

  1. Enter your name and credit card information.
  2. Click Pay Now.
  3. Close the screen and return to our website.
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Therapy Session
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Intake Assessment $200 • Couples Therapy $150 • Individual Therapy $110 • Group Therapy $40

Pay now via credit card using our secure online form.
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Support Mental Health
Funds for the less fortunate


Help us continue our mission of providing support and awareness on behalf of individuals living with mental illness and their families. You can either donate to Wilmington Mental Health and the funds will be used to help many people who need counseling but cannot afford the services, or donate a desired amount to support someone you know who needs therapy - an email will be sent directly to the recipient.

If you have any questions about payments or your current balance, please call us at 910-777-5575 before making a payment through this portal. Also call our main office if you have additional billing questions, concerns about your balance, or would prefer to pay by phone. If you are experiencing financial hardship, ask your therapist to assess your financial need and explain what options we have available.


Stripe is an online bill payment processor that allows us to receive secure payments and manage your account online. You can make payments anytime, anywhere from almost any computer with internet access.

- Step 1: Enroll
To enroll with WebView you will need your latest statement. On your statement there is an enrollment number that you will use to create an online profile.
- Step 2: Making an Online Payment
Select the statement you wish to pay, the amount you are paying, and submit your credit card information. You will receive an instant response noting if your payment has been approved or rejected. A confirmation email will also be sent to your email address with your payment approval code.
- Step 3: Reviewing Your Payment History
On the payment history page, you can view all the previous payments that you have made on WebView. You will see detailed information about the payment, including the date, amount, statement, and approval code.

We accept many kinds of payments. You can pay using your checking account, VISA, Mastercard, Discover or American Express card, if applicable.

All communication with Stripe is done through a 256 bit High Grade SSL encryption, ensuring all data transmission is secure.

WMH works with Stripe to verify that all security measures are taken and all security standards are met. We are committed to keeping your personal information safe and protected.

Our number one priority is protecting your information. WMH is dedicated to providing our customers with superior and reliable presentment and payment solutions. Whether we print and mail your critical documents or present them over the Internet, we are committed to protecting and safeguarding your critical business information and have employed layers of certified security.

Our commitment to security and continuity: We safeguard your information according to stringent security and confidentiality standards and comply with federal legislation, such as HIPAA. We maintain control over the confidentiality of our customers’ information for the time we have access to it. We do not sell, share, release or reveal any customer data--period. We routinely destroy your data after a short-time period.

Our commitment to security includes independent, industry continuity specialists who work with us to review and strengthen our security infrastructure, systems, and processes. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us. We keep your valuable information secret, but not our security procedures.

Chargeback Protection Defend your business from the unpredictability of disputes. With Chargeback Protection, Stripe will cover both the disputed amount and any dispute fees—no evidence submission required.