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Out of Network
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Our services are reimbursable by most "out of network" insurance plans. Meaning that your insurance company will fully or partially reimburse for care that is outside their network of health care providers. Please contact your insurance company and request an authorization for out-of-network treatment prior to initiating contact with us. Questions about out-of-network benefits, or what percentage you will pay for out-of-network psychotherapy can typically answered by your insurance benefit plan manager.

We currently do not accept Medicaid or Medicare. We also do not participate with BCBS Blue Value Plan.

Private Pay

Paying for care through self-pay as opposed to utilizing your insurance can be difficult, unless you are financially affluent. Out-of-pocket payments have some advantages, including how much control you and your therapist will have regarding treatment decisions, length of therapy sessions, and your confidentiality. That being said, when seeking mental health treatment please keep in mind the following:

  • We cannot guarantee that your insurance company will pay for services rendered or follow through with their original Explanation of Benefits (EOB).
  • We offer flexible payment options to make mental health care more accessible for the average self-paying patient.
  • Please remember that payment is due when services are rendered. We prefer to collect payments at the beginning of the appointment rather than at the end. If you cannot afford to pay the entire cost of your visit on the day of the appointment, you will be asked to complete a promissory note.
  • If you recently lost your job, you may qualify to continue health coverage under COBRA and keep your health insurance for a specified period of time, as long as you continue to pay the premiums.
  • Psychotherapy is typically covered by pre-tax Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) or Health Spending Accounts (HSAs).
  • Insurance companies will ask us to provide a diagnosis, in addition to information pertinent to your treatment, such as the treatment plan, current psychosocial stressors, and level of functioning.
  • Out of respect for your privacy, we will disclose only the minimum amount of information necessary to justify the services provided. WMH believes mental health treatment is a right, not a privilege. We will gladly help you determine the best treatment course, should the coverage with your health plan become an issue.
Standard Fees and Length of Sessions
Brief Telephone Consultation
15-minute consultation over the phone
Comprehensive Clinical Assessments (CCA)
120-min long screening and full intake evaluation, which often is completed during session one.
Substance Abuse Evaluation (CCA + Report)
120-min long assessment diagnostic interview to determine your level of care and needs.
Individual Therapy Session
53-minute-long standard therapy session conducted face to face.
53-minute standard therapy session conducted online (via computer, tablet, or phone).
EMDR Therapy Session
Brief individual therapy sessions typically delivered one or two times per week - on consecutive days if necessary.
Biofeedback Therapy
30-60 minute sessions designed to develop awareness of your body functions using electronic instruments.
Crisis Intervention
Immediate and short-term emergency response for acute crises, such as suicidality or domestic abuse.
Couples and Family
Couples Therapy Session
60-minute session for individuals, partners, spouses, or engaged couples.
Family Therapy Session
60-minute therapy sessions for families of three or more who are part of the same household.
Premarital Counseling
60-minute sessions designed for those in a committed relationship.
Medical Services
Primary Medical Care
60-minute intake assessment. Available Monday-Thursday 9am to 5pm.
Primary Medical Care Follow-Up
30-minute intake assessment. Available Monday-Thursday 9am to 5pm.
Psychiatric Treatment
Medication Management
60-minute intake psychiatric assessment. Available Monday-Thursday 9am to 7:30pm.
Medication Management Follow-Up
30-minute (routine) follow up psychiatric care visit. Available Monday-Thursday 9am to 7:30pm.
Non-Emergency Services
After hours phone calls (prorated per 15 minutes)
Medication-Assisted Treatment
60-minute new patient intake assessment. Available Monday-Thursday 9am to 7:30pm.
Medication-Assisted Treatment Follow-Up
30-minute (routine) follow up maintenance visit. Available Monday-Thursday 9am to 7:30pm.
Groups and Classes
Relapse Prevention Group
60-minute-long sessions for groups of 12 people or less (as needed).
Groups Therapy Session
60-minute-long sessions for groups of 12 people or less.
Psychoeducational Classes
60 minute-long educational sessions that promote sharing and personal growth.
Employee Assistance Program
Employee Assistance Program
53-minute short-term, voluntary sessions for employees experiencing personal and/or work-related problems.
Compassion Fatigue Treatment
30-minute short-term sessions for those experiencing physical and emotional exhaustion.
Sex Offender Risk Assessment
An empirical method of measuring the risk of re-offending and includes a comprehensive report.
Policy and Attendance
No Show - No Call / Late Cancellation
A fee is applied after a missed appointment, or after the cancellation deadline.
We accept Cash, Checks, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.
All payments are expected at the time of service. Should payments not be made on the day of service, we reserve the right to cancel your appointment.
Sliding Scale Fee
Reduced Rate
We may be able to lower the cost of your treatment if your income is low, or you have less money to spare after your personal expenses. Before we can assess your eligibility, we may ask you to provide evidence of income/no income.
Rates are subject to change