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Aftercare Treatment

There are alternatives to inpatient treatment and detoxification at the outpatient level. Basic substance use disorder treatment often follows Intensive Outpatient (SAIOP) treatment and includes individual and/or group therapy, which. We call it Aftercare, which provides support to individuals in recovery who are trying to maintain the progress achieved during SAIOP and prevent relapse.

Level I – Outpatient Treatment
This level of care typically follows rehabilitation or Substance Abuse Intensive Outpatient (SAIOP) and is frequently offered several times a week, but less than nine hours per week. Level I treatment is organized to enhance your recovery and motivation to continue your recovery. You may be asked to continue working on, or developing a relapse prevention plan that lowers your relapse potential and apply the techniques you have learned. Your therapist may also evaluate your personal expectations so that they are in line with your treatment plan and motivation to stay on track with your recovery.
Who Is It For?

If you have recently completed IOP and are looking to continue working on your recovery plans, aftercare treatment is the right choice. Your recovery is an ongoing process that does not stop after you successfully detox or stop using drugs or alcohol. In fact, relapse rates for substance use disorders can be as high as 60%. Therefore, we recommend long-term intervention to facilitate stability, develop accountability, and treat any surrounding issue related to your substance use disorder. At WMH, the program is designed to last between three and 18 months, depending on the time you spend in SAIOP. Participants are required to attend a minimum of two sessions per week and offered the option to attend support groups such as AA, NA, or SMART Recovery.

Outpatient treatment is effective and is also a great resource for individuals with a busy schedule who cannot commit to intensive treatment, who have not attempted recovery yet, or who are looking for added structure and support during their recovery. Aftercare treatment is accessible, cost effective, and allows you to handle both mental health and substance abuse problems simultaneously.

Treatment Tracks
Individual Therapy Only
Patients are given access to one-on-one therapy sessions at least once a month where they can build on the progress achieved during detox or IOP and follow a recovery program that is conducted by a trained addiction specialist.
Individual Therapy Group Therapy
Individual therapy is combined with group therapy to help patients connect with others experiencing similar issues in their recovery journey and facilitate sharing to build confidence, coping and support.
Individual & Group Therapy Mutual Support Group
Therapy focuses on helping patients manage their drug addiction and maintain sobriety while giving the option to attend structured, professionally led mutual support groups or self-help programs to increase abstinence.
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