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The Mental Health Impact of COVID-19 is the Real Pandemic
  ·  2020-11-28

Fear, anger, stress and anxiety are just a few of the harrowing emotions that flooded the public back in March when we truly understood the severity of the Covid crisis. Many worked hard to turn these lemons into lemonade as they optimistically waited for this to pass us by in the following months. Now, nearing the end of the year, the virus seems to be nowhere near a place of improvement, continuing to encourage social distancing and isolation techniques to slow the spread. The techniques used to slow the spread of the contagious COVID- 19 virus, however, are spreading another invisible pandemic, a drastic decline in mental health.

A common misconception is that mental health and mental illness are the same thing. The fact of the matter is, that while not everyone has a menta ...

Talk Therapy is the Key to Strengthening Dysfunctional Families
  ·  2020-12-16

Everyone has mental health just life physical health. Therefore, mental health can dip on occasion just like we can catch a cold or a flu physically. Just as everyone is capable of developing a chronic illness, the same is true for mental illnesses as well.

When one of the two parties in a couple is struggling with a mental illness, it can create friction and cracks within the foundation of the relationship. Seeking professional talk therapy and couples counseling can help fill these cracks that have formed and help prevent new cracks from emerging. Not only will this create a space to have an open dialogue, partner to partner, about the effects of the mental health struggles that are impacting the relationship, but it also allows for the observance and input of an unbiased in ...

How EMDR is The Key to Treating Trauma
  ·  2020-12-18

EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. At first glance this may seem like an unorthodox approach to mental health treatments, however, many studies show positive results from this form of treatment. To put it simply, during EMDR therapy, a patient relives traumatic memories in small doses while a therapist directs their eye movements. The brain does not process traumatic memories the same way it processes all other memories. These traumatic events are integrated into the brain in a splintered manner.

EMDR is believed to be so beneficial because reliving a traumatic event is supposedly easier to do when your attention is constantly being redirected. This distraction also leads to incomplete retrieval of the full traumatic memory. The traumatic memory is ...

How Mindfulness and Gratitude are Combating Depression and Anxiety
  ·  2020-12-20

In today’s society, there is a lot of casual talk about depression and anxiety. Many flippant jokes are made in the media about these difficult emotions and mental illnesses, which can lead to a lack of understanding about how these struggles truly affect one’s day to day life.

Depressive and anxiety disorders are much more than simply feeling sad or nervous. These struggles penetrate someone’s life much deeper than a normal emotional fluctuation. Someone with depression cannot find joy in anything in their lives and may find it nearly impossible to get themselves out of bed, or to shower, or cook themselves meals. Someone with anxiety will negatively spiral and panic at the sheer thought of doing something wrong or needing to do a simple errand lik ...

The Growing Prevalence and Treatment of Substance Abuse Disorders
  ·  2020-12-20

There is ever growing evidence that substance abuse disorders are an increasing struggle for many among us in today’s society. There are many factors that contribute to one’s ability to develop a substance abuse problem. These factors range from genetic, to underlying mental illnesses such as depression or anxiety, PTSD, and even an attention deficit disorder, among others. It has also been observed that there are growing numbers of depressed or anxious emotions among many individuals, specifically teens and young adults.

Positively, our society is always growing, evolving and changing for the better. Technology improves along with medical science and medical treatments. However, with these positive improvements come negative outward effects. These result in easier ...

Employee Assistance Programs - What is an EAP and How Can It Be Used?
  ·  2021-01-08

It is no secret that the past year has been difficult for most of those out there within their finances, careers, and personal lives. Many people are struggling to adapt to new forms of work such as remote work from home, sharing office spaces with those they live with, along with balancing work and home schooling their children. These transitions for many companies and their employees have been less than easy. Offering employee’s an employee assistance program that they can utilize during these tumultuous times can provide workers the support they need to continue to perform their job duties efficiently as well as maintain balance with in their mental and physical health which is more important now than ever.

Many employees find reasons not to utilize their company&rsqu ...

The Mind - Body Connection - Why Biofeedback is Important
  ·  2021-01-11

Research and discussions around the mind body connection are growing in popularity everyday. Mental health and physical health are completely intertwined and when one is off balance the other follows suit. When someone is struggling with a mental health, figuring out what their physical body needs is incredibly important.

What is BioFeedback?

BioFeedback, boiled down is the process with which individuals learn how to modify their physiology for the sole purpose of improving mental, physical, and emotional health. Similar to physical therapy, BioFeedback requires physical participation and regular practice. Biofeedback helps patients learn to control what were previously believed to be involuntarily and uncontrollable processes.

There are se ...

Battling Your Inner Critic - Self Compassion Leads To Self Love
  ·  2021-01-21

Many of us have heard someone say, “we are our own worst critic.” While this phrase is repeated in our society until it feels as though it loses meaning, it still rings true. That little voice that resides in the darkest corners of our minds exists within all of us. No one is immune to this aspect of the human condition. However, the difference between people who seem to not have this voice at all versus those who are ruled by it is self compassion.

We live in a society that defines self worth by productivity and perfectionism despite the fact that human beings are not infallible. Mistakes are a natural part of life despite the high standards society has set. When that little voice pipes up telling you that you fell short, you should have done better, you suck, and ...

Social Anxiety and Social Phobia - You Might Not Be “Just A Little Shy”
  ·  2021-01-28

We hear the terms anxiety and social anxiety thrown around a lot these days. People more commonly refer to their anxiety head on through phrases such as “that activity gave me anxiety” or “I was feeling really anxious last week.” Many people also may hear form others “you’re so quiet!” or even, “you’re just really shy. You need to come out of your shell.” While everyone has anxiety and can feel their own personal level of shyness, it can be difficult to figure out when your specific anxiety levels tip over into the danger zone.

There are a few different types of anxiety disorders someone can struggle with. One of the more common anxiety disorders is GAD or Generalized Anxiety Disorder. This disorder is shown through w ...

Anger And Effective Ways To Manage It
  ·  2021-02-01

We all have those moments where we’re seeing red.  Maybe it’s because our partner said something rude, or perhaps it was someone that cut us off in traffic.  Whatever the cause, anger is totally normal, common emotion.  However, managing it can sometimes be difficult, especially if you are someone who is angry a lot.  So, allow us to lend you a helping hand by helping you get an in-depth understanding of anger and how to best manage it for your own health and safety, as well as those around you.

Understand that anger is a valid emotion

            First and foremost, let’s get something out there right away: your anger matters.  Your emotional reaction i ...

The Collaboration Between Mental Health and Black History Month
  ·  2021-02-01

First thing is first.  Many people have made it their mission to work, every single day of their lives, to improve the lives of those people considered minorities -- such as African Americans.  However, despite the dedicated work of these people, marginalization still happens, and it has led to the creation, and celebration, of Black History Month. 

The importance of Black History month

            There are so many reasons why Black History month is important.  For our purposes, we’re going to keep it focused on how it refers to today’s African American youth and adults.  A lot of it has to do with mental health and even safety.  Black History month...

Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder 101
  ·  2021-02-06

There are a lot of conditions out there that impact both children and adults alike.  One of the popular ones, becoming more and more prominent with each year, is ADHD.  This is admittedly a very complex brain and behaviour condition and there is no known cure for it.  However, as more information becomes known, treatments and therapies are also becoming more widespread and common.

What is ADHD?

Attention-deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a psychiatric disorder that causes those who live with it to struggle with focus, concentration, and other “normal” day to day activities.  This impacts both the brain as well as behaviours, but everyone's a little different as far as what they struggle with and why.


Top Tips for Celebrating Valentine’s Day
  ·  2021-02-14

There is a lot of pressure around Valentine’s Day.  Whether you are in a romantic relationship or not, there is just a lot of pressure around celebrating the holiday “right”.  There is some sort of myth that couples have to be romantic and smitten on this special February day, and that those who are single, regardless of the reason, have to be miserable and embarrassed as everyone else around them celebrates. But, is that really what it’s about?

The truth about Valentine’s Day

            There are so many fantastic ways that you can celebrate this holiday, regardless of your relationship status.  In fact, it can be one of the best things that you can ...

The Importance of Acts of Kindness for Mental Health
  ·  2021-02-18

            Every single one of us has the power to make someone else’s day better just by doing one single thing: an act of kindness.  While many of us see it as “paying it forward” in the coffee line-up, or perhaps helping a stranger load groceries into their car, there are many versions and examples of acts of kindness available every single day.  And studies show that all of them do great things for our mental health -- on both sides.

How do acts of kindness connect with our mental health?

            Many of us have done an act of kindness at some point in our lives.  Perhaps it was shoveling out a neighb ...

Teen Dating Violence - What Everyone Should Know
  ·  2021-02-26

Teens dating is a complicated issue for a lot of reasons.  From the point of view of parents, seeing their teen entering the dating world is difficult due to the need to let them go and experience a new chapter in their life where parents are often kept firmly out of the relationship.  From the point of view of teens, learning how to act and be a part of the dating world can also take some finesse, not to mention the social pressures that it often brings.  One of the things that no parent or teen wants to deal with?  Teen dating violence.  Yet, it happens, and it happens a lot.

What is teen dating violence?

            This is just like any other kind of violence.  I ...

The Self-Esteem Levels
  ·  2021-02-26

From children to senior citizens, self-esteem levels can fluctuate depending on situations, conditions, and needs.  Children and teens are especially prone to low self-esteem, but adults and seniors are certainly not immune to it, either. 

What is self-esteem?

            While the term is thrown around a lot, not many people understand just what self-esteem is.  This is the term used to describe just what your overall opinion of yourself is.  How you feel about yourself and your potential as an individual, outside of what those around you may think of feel.  There are many things can influence self-esteem.

What are the kinds of self-esteem?


The Truth About Eating Disorders
  ·  2021-02-26

Eating disorders are much more common today than they were 15 years ago.  While they have been happening for years and years under the radar, both the undiagnosed and diagnosed numbers have skyrocketed in the most recent years.  Understanding this as the issue that it is, means recognizing it and treating it as an important crisis.

What is an eating disorder?

            An eating disorder is the term used to describe when someone has an unhealthy relationship with food or eating habits that directly impacts their physical, mental, and emotional health.  Most often disorders come from the need to control something in their life that, otherwise, feels out of control. 

How Can I Seek Out Therapy Near Me? - Finding Mental Health Treatment in Wilmington NC
  ·  2021-03-01

The past year has been incredibly difficult for almost every person fighting their way through these uncontrollable and unpredictable times. Mental Health has been on a widespread decline. Those who already struggle with their mental health have felt it take a dip and people who have never struggled with their mental health are struggling for the first time. Deciding to seek out mental health treatment is an incredible feat on its own, but many people fall short when it comes to actually finding the treatment that they have finally decided to pursue. The thought, how do I find counseling near me, crosses many minds.

Finding a counselor in Wilmington NC or a therapist in Wilmington NC is no harder than finding treatment elsewhere. Thankfully, there are many counseling, ...

Brain Injuries And Daily Life
  ·  2021-03-03

Many of us have had broken bones, or perhaps an issue with something like appendicitis at some point in their lives.  Hower, one injury that many do not think about when going through the list of common injuries is a brain injury.  Many of us may accidentally hit our heads on something, and get a concussion, which they recover from.  However, a brain injury is much more common than people would like to think!

What actually is a brain injury?

            In the case of a traumatic brain injury, or TBI, this is a physical injury to the brain that changes the brain’s activity and function.  Whether the damage or injury itself can be seen, or it’s more related to the n ...

The Power Of Women
  ·  2021-03-05

Women make up arguably half the population in most societies.  They do all of the same things that men do: go to school, raise a family, work in the community.  However, despite these culture-based equalities, many women still find themselves on the lower rungs of the ladder when it comes to leadership roles.  On a day such as Women’s Day, this leads many to think about why that is, and what it could mean for the future.

The role of Women’s Day

            International Women’s Day is a specific day of the year where the world turns its attention to women’s rights and how they compare to a man’s rights.  This is true in the case of actual rights, ...

The Stigma Of Epilepsy
  ·  2021-03-08

Unless you know someone with this neurological disorder, most people are unfamiliar with epilepsy other than just being a condition that some people have.  Since it is not talked about much in common social circles, this creates a stigma that it is “not a big deal”, or that it is something “weird” that “other people” have.  However, epilepsy is common and impacts over 50 million people worldwide.

Why does stigma exist with epilepsy?

            The reason for the stigma itself is familiar to anyone who lives with any kind of mental illness, including depression, anxiety, PTSD, and so-on.  The main causes include:

  • Superst ...

Racism And Discrimination - The Connection To Mental Illness
  ·  2021-03-19

Everyone is familiar with racism on one level or another.  With more and more calls for change with minority communities, there are many who are looking to understand racism from a place of compassion and general interest in changing how things work.  Worldwide, there is a strong link between racism and mental illness.  Addressing it, and changing how things work, is a starting point to getting to the point where there is, ideally, zero discrimination.

What does the connection between racism and mental health look like?

            According to the studies done specifically with a focus on discrimination and mental illness, the connection between the two has a few forms it can take.  Including ...

Tobacco-Free Children and Teens
  ·  2021-03-26

Despite the fact that it is no longer a societal norm, there are still many people out there who regularly smoke tobacco.  From one cigarette a day to more than one pack a day, smoking is common in adults, but also in teenagers and even younger.  Most can agree that tobacco is not a good habit for children or teens to get into for many physiological health-related reasons.  However, there’s also more and more content out there that says staying tobacco-free is also important for mental health.

The connection between mental health and tobacco use

            Statistically speaking, over 44% of all of cigarette use is connected to those who have declared themselves as having a mental illness.&n ...

Nutrition and Mental Health
  ·  2021-04-02

Mental health is front of mind these days, but just because we tend to focus on it, does not mean that we always know how best to attack it.  More and more research has been focused on the correlation between mental health and eating a controlled, nutritious diet.  This leaves many feeling as though nutrition is going to be the key to really taking a comprehensive approach to mental health.

Is there a connection between nutritional and mental health?

            In a word, yes.  Research shows that mental health crises and long-term struggles for dealing with common mental health issues, can be connected to diet.  Here is what the research suggests so far:

  • Highly proc ...

Bipolar Disorder - What Science Has To Say
  ·  2021-04-09

Despite bipolar disorder being increasingly popular in many young adults and full adults, there is not a whole lot of advanced study in understanding where it comes from, how it impacts patients, and what can be done about it.  For this reason, it is important to take it apart and take note of just what we do understand.  This leads experts to understand what must still be learned from further study.

What bipolar disorder signifies

            Detailed study on the science of bipolar disorder in patients shows that research and a full comprehension of this mental disorder is far from guaranteed.  The most recent study shows that bipolar disorder is thought to be part of a complex, multi-faceted bio ...

Stress: What Is the “Best” Way to Deal With It?
  ·  2021-04-16

No matter what the niche or what definition may mean, everyone defines “best” to mean something different from those around them.  While it can often open up debates and arguments to its use, reality is that individuality of “best” is precisely why this is the best word to use when looking at dealing with something as common as stress.  Proper management and long-term success is based on each person’s needs.

Where does mindfulness come in?

At its most basic, mindfulness is the art of being aware of oneself wherever they are.  It is acknowledging how you feel in a present situation and simply coming to terms with it.  Used widely across mental health, therapeutic mindfulness is thought to help each person get in tune w ...