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Havah Henzler
Therapist at Wilmington Mental Health
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Life can be tough sometimes. Let me be the person you can trust, the one who is going to listen to you without judgement. People are by nature relational. It is natural to feel like you need to express yourself and be vulnerable when life may not be exactly what you thought or hoped it would be. Talking to someone who is nonjudgmental and whose sole purpose is to come alongside you to help you navigate through your struggles is where I come in. Please allow me to be your support in your time of need. Through the therapeutic process you will learn to manage your difficulties & heal your inner soul.

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About Me

I’m a vibrant Latina originally from Mexico city. I am trilingual. I specialize in treating people that have experienced trauma. I have been in Wilmington NC since 2003 and I graduated with a Master in Social Work MSW from East Carolina University in 2009. I’m a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and a Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist (LCAS)

I started in the human services field in 2005 in Child Protective Services at DHHS. My love and compassion for “hurting people” led me into this profession, and I decided to pursue counseling as a means to help others through their current struggles and often challenging past experiences. I utilize several therapeutic tools to help others achieve their goals and objectives including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy(CBT) and parent Child Interaction therapy (PCIT) but I would like to say that my area of expertise and one I specialize in is treating trauma issues. My favorite technique is Eye Movement Desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR). This technique is extremely effective in helping individuals move forward in their lives from a past trauma or negative event that has caused them to become ‘stuck” in their current daily life. I truly believe in this approach as I have seen many of the people I worked with overcome major obstacles through the use of this therapeutic tool

My Process

Together, we will design a program that applies to your needs. I will help you develop a future-oriented character to enhance your healthier lifestyle probabilities. Your initial assessment will help us understand the reasons you are seeking guidance. I will gather information about you, including your socio-cultural background, history of treatment, and current mental health symptoms. This comprehensive analysis of your situation is critical in identifying diagnoses that will help us design a treatment plan that works for you. Session two and three focus on exploring the underlying circumstances of your symptoms and identify treatment goals. As your treatment progresses, I will present tools, skills, techniques, and solutions to help you develop stabilization, find the person you genuinely are, and face the fears and worries that keep troubling you.

Our therapeutic encounters are each an opportunity to learn more about your inner power. Psychotherapy will be the medium to explore what triggers your maladaptive thoughts, emotions and behaviors and what keeps you feeling as though you have lost control of yourself. And some of our conversations will examine the concepts of meaning and purpose, as well as how to make your existence on this planet significant to you and those around you.

Education and Credentials
Master’s Degree in Social Work
East Carolina University 2009
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
License # C007489 (See License Status)
Clinical Addiction Specialist Associate
License # LCAS-1857 (See License Status)
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What I love to do during my free time…
I enjoy sharing my life and experiences with the people that I love and care, I also love to enrich my professional growth by learning about human behavior. I have a passion for traveling because I like to learn about other cultures, their people, their cuisine and language. And I try to enjoy life to the fullest. Life has taught me how ephemeral it can be.
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“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”
– Ralph Walso Emerson

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14 years old and older

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Mental and behavioral health
Substance Abuse