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Joseph Rengifo
Psychotherapist at Wilmington Mental Health
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I believe we can explain many of our behaviors, thoughts, and feelings in evolutionary terms. Take for instance “fear”, a basic emotion that can alert us that we are facing danger. I enjoy offering psychoeducation and use theories to guide my sessions, to treat mental health problems, and to provide my patients with relevant information about their condition. Gray wave seperator
About Me

My professional career in psychotherapy began in 2015 in New Jersey, where I provided intensive in-home treatment. After two years, I began my transition to outpatient therapy when I moved to Wilmington. Since then, I administered one-on-one counseling and mental health evaluations while under supervision and officially began working with the substance abuse population in 2017. That same year I launched Wilmington Mental Health to bridge the gap of mental health facilities offering mental health and substance abuse treatment to disadvantaged communities.

I base my work on the theories of human growth and development, applying concepts and making recommendations based on the notion of social constructionism, impression management, social learning, classical conditioning, hierarchy of needs, defense mechanisms, psychosexual development, holism, self-actualization, evolutionary psychology, the big five personality traits, and positive psychology, among others. I use psychological methods and diagnostic procedures while integrating additional techniques to help my patients identify the source of their struggles.

The types of services I offer range from brief screenings to identify the need for therapy to treatment planning, case management, outpatient drug and alcohol treatment, and long-term sex offender treatment. And I often engage in interdisciplinary collaboration to improve my treatment effectiveness and refer out when additional services are needed, or counseling is no longer beneficial.

My Process

Together, we will design a program that applies to your needs. I will help you develop a future-oriented character to enhance your healthier lifestyle probabilities. Your initial assessment will help us understand the reasons you are seeking guidance. I will gather information about you, including your socio-cultural background, history of treatment, and current mental health symptoms. This comprehensive analysis of your situation is critical in identifying diagnoses that will help us design a treatment plan that works for you. Session two and three focus on exploring the underlying circumstances of your symptoms and identify treatment goals. As your treatment progresses, I will present tools, skills, techniques, and solutions to help you develop stabilization, find the person you genuinely are, and face the fears and worries that keep troubling you.

Our therapeutic encounters are each an opportunity to learn more about your inner power. Psychotherapy will be the medium to explore what triggers your maladaptive thoughts, emotions and behaviors and what keeps you feeling as though you have lost control of yourself. And some of our conversations will examine the concepts of meaning and purpose, as well as how to make your existence on this planet significant to you and those around you.

Education and Credentials

Master’s Degree in Psychology
City College of New York - September 2013
Master’s Degree in Counseling
Regent University - August, 2016
Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor
License # 12895 (See License Status)
Clinical Addiction Specialist Associate
License # LCAS-23186 (See License Status)
Clinical Supervisor Intern
License # LCAS-23186 (See License Status)
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What I love to do during my free time…
First and foremost, traveling. I enjoy spending time with my family and love passing on clinical and emotional knowledge to those coming up to me for help.
Anger Management Specialist – II

I am a professional educated to work with complex anger management concerns, not just traditional psychotherapy or group counseling. Anger management is a complex combination of insights from various psychological traditions that require additional training in anger management skills, concepts, and techniques.

My training in Anger Management therapy provided me with the tools needed to confidently and effectively work with individuals who experience destructive anger and help them constructively communicate anger without the outbursts that damage their most important relationships, jeopardize their careers, and put their health at risk.

Sex Offender Treatment Provider

Anyone who qualifies for a paraphilic disorder diagnosis or who has committed an offense against a minor can benefit from this service. The DSM-5 defines paraphilia as “an intense and persistent sexual interest other than sexual interest in genital stimulation or preparatory fondling with phenotypically normal, physically mature, consenting human partners” that is present for at least 6 months and causes distress, impairment, harm, or the risk of harm. Not all sexual offenders have paraphilic disorders though.

My treatment approach is routinely informed by new research and advances in sex offender assessment, treatment, and management. Treatment is delivered through a group format, which includes psychoeducational content and opportunities for processing. The frequency and duration of treatment depends on the risk level and treatment needs that have been identified in the initial assessment. My groups include offenders who deny, minimize, or take only partial responsibility of their sexual offending. This is to engage and motivate them to accept responsibility and recognize the benefits of treatment.

Substance Abuse

I am a registered clinical supervisor with knowledge of the performance domains. I can supervise substance abuse professionals who work to treat, prevent, or reduce the conditions that place individuals at risk of developing addictive disorder or disease and help prevent relapse. I can help you develop clinical skills and competencies to work in the professional substance abuse field.

As your supervisor, I will provide supervision based on my knowledge of the following domains:

  • Counselor Development
  • Professional & Ethical Standards
  • Program Development & Quality Assurance
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Administration
  • Treatment Knowledge

I will also help you see the active role ethics must play in your professional growth, review the Code of Ethical Conduct, maintain a supervisory file documenting your growth and development, provide a written evaluation annually, summarizing your professional development, and outlining a plan to address areas identified as needing further growth, provide a copy of your assessment to the Board, if requested, and present the Board with an accurate representation of your readiness for a certification or license.

Who can benefit from this service?

  • Applicants for certification in counseling, criminal justice addictions specialization, prevention consulting, and licensure as clinical addictions specialists.
  • Licensed specialists (LCAS) seeking clinical supervision credential.
  • Certified Substance Abuse Counselors (CSACs) and Certified Criminal Justice Professionals (CCJPs) must still function under a Practice Supervisor's supervision.

Supervisees who work to treat, prevent, or reduce the conditions that place individuals at risk of developing addictive disorder or disease and help prevent relapse must first sign a contract as required by their credentials.

(1-hour; up to 2 supervisees)
(1-hour; 2+ supervisees)

** Most reputable supervisors charge based on their hourly clinical rate

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