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The Mind - Body Connection - Why Biofeedback is Important


<p>Research and discussions around the mind body connection are growing in popularity everyday. Mental health and physical health are completely intertwined and when one is off balance the other follows suit. When someone is struggling with a mental health, figuring out what their physical body needs is incredibly important.</p> <p><strong>What is BioFeedback?</strong></p> <p>BioFeedback, boiled down is the process with which individuals learn how to modify their physiology for the sole purpose of improving mental, physical, and emotional health. Similar to physical therapy, BioFeedback requires physical participation and regular practice. Biofeedback helps patients learn to control what were previously believed to be involuntarily and uncontrollable processes.</p> <p>There are seven different types of biofeedback such as Electromyograph (EMG), Temperature Control, Electrodermal (EDR), Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Respiration, and Electroencephalographic (EEG.) These focus on all areas of the body ranging from muscle tension to brain waves.</p> <p><strong>How to receive BioFeedback Treatment?</strong></p> <p>Ask your doctor or health care professional if they are familiar with BioFeedback. Chances are they will say yes. They can then recommend you to a therapist who specifically works with biofeedback in your area. Many BioFeedback practitioners are licensed psychologists, nurses, or physical therapists. Some insurance planes now a days even cover biofeedback treatment. There are many ways to get help these days, and no struggle is too small or too great for treatment of any kind.</p> <p><strong>Why it is Important?</strong></p> <p>Many people struggling with mental health issues can feel like they are a slave to everything they are feeling and that there is nothing they can do to improve their situation because they are a victim to their mental state. However, learning to control parts of your body that you previously deemed uncontrollable is a great way to show individuals that they are in fact, in control of their bodies, minds, and spirits. While improving their physical health, they are also improving their mental health because they are taking the steering wheel back from their mental illness or mental health struggles.</p> <p>There is strong evidence out there that suggests that biofeedback therapy can relax muscles, ease stress and even reduce headaches. Biofeedback has shown to be particularly beneficial for headaches that are induced by anxiety.</p>